An image showing a team of people at corporate away days putting their hands into the middle

Why Away Days Are Great for Your Business

18th November 2016

Nobody wants to be a boring boss – the boss who makes their employees create spreadsheets all day and keeps them sat in hour-long, mind-numbing meetings. Corporate away days are a great way of keeping your team happy and working effectively together, plus it gives you points for ‘fun boss’ status.

We’ve put together 4 reasons why away days will keep your workers cheery.

Staff Morale

The morale of your staff is important; working in a dreary environment with hostile staff is the last thing you want. Treating your staff out to a big team-building day out keeps your staff happy, energetic, and helps them to get to know each other.

Putting Names To a Face

You’ve never spoken to that guy with the beard who works in finance, but you see him all the time. But, it’s so much nicer when you know the guy with the beard in finance is called Steve and he’s really nice! You can say hi to Steve now.


One of the main reasons a business will book away days is so your staff can understand the way they can work together more effectively and efficiently. They involve great team-building tasks and will help them develop their communication skills to complete the task. Understanding how your team work together will help you with future projects and delegating roles to the individual who is strongest in that area.

Building Relationships

Getting to know your staff and building friendships with them helps the work environment to be stress-free and more relaxed. You’ll know each other on a more personal level and this helps with communication and creating an effective team.

If you’re looking to book fun-filled exhilarating away days for your business around Shrewsbury, then Hover Days has a number of activities and packages perfect for the occasion. Call us today on 01691 611897 to check availability and we’ll get you booked in.