An example of the Hoverdays gift experiences where a photo has been taken of a man driving a hovercraft over water with a helmet on, in the countryside.

Looking for Unique Gift Experiences? Give One They’ll Never Forget and Let Hoverdays Put Them Through Their Paces

28th September 2016


At Hoverdays, we love to make sure that your friends or family get the very most out of your thoughtful idea of giving gift experiences. However, we’re not about building serene memories of long walks and cosy cottage dinners. If you have a thrill seeker in your bunch, or a mate that talks the talk but has never been forced to walk the walk, send them our way and we’ll make sure they get an adventure they’ll never forget. Here’s just a few things we’ll throw their way – do you think they could handle it?


Blind Driving

What’s even better than getting to drive an off-road vehicle round an uneven track? Doing it blind, of course!

At Hoverdays, our gift experiences can really put your friendship to the test as you (or whoever you’ve managed to convince to get in the car with your sightless mate) has to navigate the hapless, eyeless driver around the course.

Sound easy? We thought so, so we’ve also added an extra rule or two, including the rule that you’re not allowed to say anything as blindingly easy (see what we did there?) as ‘left’ and ‘right’.


Reverse Steer Buggy Driving

What’s that we hear you cry? Too easy? You think that won’t really put your thrill-seeker mate through their paces? We agree; let’s make you drive a vehicle that steers the opposite way to the way you tell it.

A firm favourite with the Hoverdays team and the countless thrill seekers who have strutted in and then wobbled out of our doors, our reverse steer driving gift experiences are sure to give you a good chuckle. This is one to give to that over-confident one, as you chortle from the sidelines.


Hovercraft Gift Experiences

Well we couldn’t not mention them, could we? There’s nothing like controlling a levitating hulk of fibreglass to really get the blood pumping. Words don’t do this one justice – you’ll want to watch it yourself:


If you’re looking for gift experiences for your friends, loved ones, hated ones, or simply to hand out to strangers on the streets cause you’re just that kind of person, ditch the wine tasting and roaring fires and chuck your peers into an adventure instead. Don’t worry, we’ll do the rest to make it an experience they will never forget.