Hovercrafting and Beyond!

Hovercrafting and Beyond!

3rd May 2013

The weather is improving at last, so it’s starting to feel like it might be safe to start making plans for the summer. Whether you’re preparing a corporate event, a birthday party or a day out with the family, we have something for everyone here at Hoverdays.

Our most popular adventure activity is hovercrafting, which invites you to take your seat on a one-man hovercraft and race around our purpose built track. But we can do so much more than that! We have a whole range of activities to suit groups of all sizes, age ranges and bravery levels, so we’re sure to have something to suit your next event.

Track Driving

If you feel the need for speed and love nothing more than hurtling around a racing course then you will love our extreme 4×4 driving and argocat activity packages. Push yourself to the limit and see who can clock up the best lap time as you experience a whole new driving thrill.

Driving with a Difference

So you like to think you’re an old hand when it comes to driving? If you’ve ever boasted that you could do it with your eyes closed then this is your chance to prove your mettle with our blindfold driving experience. If you prefer to be able to see where you’re going wrong, try our reverse steer buggy driving and you’ll discover that it really isn’t as easy as it looks!

Hands on Activities

If you prefer to seek your thrills on solid ground then why not try your hand at archery and see if you could be the next Robin Hood? For a great team building exercise, our bushcraft BBQ puts your teamwork skills to the test as you take your barbecue right back to basics and have to figure out how to start a fire without any help from matches or a lighter.

Whichever activity appeals mot to you, we will provide all of the equipment and safety briefings to ensure that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Take a look around the site for more details of each of our adventure packages and call us on 01691 611897 to book your next great day out!