Often referred to as an Aaahhhhhhrgocat!!!!! Driving an Argocat is probably the most fun you can have on 8 wheels – that’s right – 8Wheels!These  things are 8 wheel drive, skid steering amphibious monsters.

So our hovercraft are Zero wheel drive, our Segways are 2 wheel drive, and our 4×4 off road vehicles are 4 wheel drive – do you get the picture – we are always trying to go one (or sometimes more than one) better!

Nothing will stop an Argocat, it just keeps going and going and going…. The wheels themselves dont steer – the whole thing skid steers, which means you can do dough nuts on the spot once you get the knack. For more information about our Argocat driving experience days, contact us on 01691 611897

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