A Send Off With A Difference: Unique Ideas For Stag & Hen Parties

A Send Off With A Difference: Unique Ideas For Stag & Hen Parties

31st July 2013

Forget about the traditional stag and hen party ideas – it’s time to try something unique, interesting and thrilling that will ensure that you have fond memories of the entire day. That is why you should check out the wonderful ideas that we have to offer to make your stag or hen party scintillating and exhilarating.


We here at Hoverdays know all about hovercrafting, and no other activity will get your adrenaline pumping and going the way hovercrafting does. We can offer you affordable hovercrafting packages that are just perfect for stag and hen parties. The package will be organised by us and we will take care of all the necessary equipment to ensure that you have a safe, exciting and fun time.

A stag or hen party would be even more exciting when you work your way through a kilometre-long hovercraft course, and make an attempt to get past grass, water, mud and other obstacles while on a hovercraft.

Other Fun Activities

If you feel that hovercrafting is not your cup of tea, you can rely on us for some other exciting activities that can make your party different and unique. Have you ever thought about driving blindfolded? No? Then you’ll love to give this activity a try!. It’s both thrilling and fun, and will get your party going like nothing else could; wearing a blackened helmet and driving a 4X4 will really bring life into your party.

Our stag and hen party are also perfect to do some target practice, and we can organise a variety of archery games. While this may look easy at first sight, you’ll later realise that the game of archery not just requires concentration, but also a good aim and steady hands. At the same time, the activity can be fun and quite competitive to make sure that your stag or hen party turns out to be as fun and memorable as you envisaged it to be.

At Hoverdays, we have a number of other activities that are just perfect for organising a unique and fun-filled stag or hen party. Some of our activities besides the ones mentioned above include Segway driving and extreme 4X4 driving. Transform your partying experience and ensure that all your friends have a fun time with our unique collection of activities. Contact us today and we will help you plan the right activities for your stag or hen party.